Thursday, May 19, 2011

Driving? Maybe Not

I love to drive.

I really love to drive.

I mean I LOVE it! The magical forward motion and the near-anti gravity on a curve or a hill. Driving is one of my few vices.

I haven't driven since maybe early February.

I drove the other day.

Driving is hard.

I drove for maybe 20 minutes total (probably actually less than that) and my legs were unhappy with me.

I was so tired I couldn't wait to become a mere passenger again.

I've been trying to use the cane for walking as much as I can stand during the day. And then I still use it to push myself.

I've been taking small flights of steps when I feel adventurous. Up is easier than down, but both ways are tiring.

Some simple in-town driving (downtown nonetheless!) took as much out of me as a whole day of walking around with the stick.

I still love to drive, though.

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